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A proprietary technology that maximizes the agricultural yield to meet the commercial demand while rejuvenating the entire eco-system. A unique model that achieves triple-bottom-line imperative… enhancement of Environmental, Financial & Societal capital

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Special Organic Nano Technology

A Bio-Technology company that carries out innovation and development of unique organic materials for environmental sustainability.

About Us
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In the current push for a sustainable circular economy, there’s a growing demand for secure, safe, adaptable, and affordable solutions to manage waste, agriculture, energy, and materials. Sonano Tech Sdn Bhd, with patented technologies like ALFIMER™ and YANISYS™, is dedicated to addressing environmental challenges. Collaborating with various entities, Sonano Tech aims to enhance global offerings in Advanced Landfill Mining, Mixed Waste & Residual Management, and Optimized Ecosystem Engineering Solutions & Renewable Energy, significantly reducing carbon footprints and managing greenhouse gas emissions locally and globally.

Our Mission

Addressing global warming and the climate crisis through natural solutions and permaculture in the implementation of sustainable agriculture, livestock farming and aquaculture, organic waste management, green energy and carbon footprint reduction.

Our Vision

Being a leader in technology towards environmental sustainability, combating global warming, addressing the climate crisis, and ensuring food security.

Why Choose Us

Our Value

Advancing Sustainable Agriculture & Livestock Farming

We advocate for sustainable agriculture and livestock farming by promoting effective Bio-Organic methods. Our focus is on encouraging farmers and livestock keepers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, minimizing synthetic chemical use, and embracing responsible animal management.

Reducing Carbon Footprint through Bio-Organic Waste Management

Committed to innovative bio-waste solutions, we address agricultural and livestock waste management. We endorse technology for soil regeneration, organic material recycling, waste reduction, pollution mitigation, and fostering a sustainable circular economy.

Education & Awareness

We actively promote awareness and education on global warming, the climate crisis, and the positive impacts of Bio-Organic solutions in agriculture, livestock farming, and green energy. Engaging the community, we aim to create a more sustainable future. Through our support for innovation, we strive to be a leading force driving positive change in agriculture and the green energy sector.

Our Services

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With a vast total experience in the Environmental Sustainability Industry, we offer the following Professional Services:

Heavy machinery shredding garbage in an open air landfill. Pollution

Advanced LandFill Mining, WTE & PMC:

Proprietary and Patented Authorized Technology Contractor for ALFIMER™
Total Project Management Consultancy for Landfill Mining Projects.

Woman hold soil on soil background, top view

Soil Remediation – Oil & Gas/Flood Prevention & Mitigation:

With our Patented YANISYS™ biotech system, we are able to provide soil remediation works for any contaminated soil and land spaces for agricultural use.

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Pyrolysis System for Tyre/Plastic & MSW/RDF:

A technology that employs a process called pyrolysis to treat various types of waste materials, including tires, plastics, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF)


Reconditioned GE Jenbaucer Gas Turbine:

This gas turbine undergoes a meticulous reconditioning process, ensuring optimal performance comparable to its original state.

Plant for the treatment of wastes of foundry.

Wastes & Residual Treatment:

We work together with various government agencies and farm owners to convert their animal or green wastes into high-nutrients compost. We can formulate specialty DNA fertilizers solely for a particular crop.


New Solutions for Storage & Transport of CNG:

Revolutionizing CNG storage and transport with SINOMA's patented cylinders, collaboration with Domini in Serbia, and integration of intelligent battery vehicles.

Recognized Endorsements

Our Certifications


Joint Proprietary Technologies, R&D & Manufacturing Partners Certification and Accreditations (Bio Techs) and Thermal Systems